RENEW Strategies

Teaching the habits of top performing executives.
Erin O'Connor's first impressions of RENEW and Ethiopia.
RENEW explores key resources to help executives manage and perform better in their roles.
“Wait a minute, why is the traffic moving so smoothly?” That was our initial reaction...
Taking a closer look at the seven companies and entrepreneurs that make up the Impact Angel Network’s portfolio.

From the Field

Sandy Hung, CFA
| March 03, 2017
RENEW explores three resources for companies that will help them grow into market leaders.
| March 01, 2017
Members of RENEW’s Impact Angel Network visit Ethiopia to review investment opportunities.
| February 24, 2017
RENEW partners Matt and Laura Davis will be traveling across the U.S. and Canada to meet with investors.
| February 17, 2017
Reflections on the steps that led me to RENEW and what the future has in store.
| February 10, 2017
RENEW partners with ACCA to launch innovative CFO 100 Program at The Exchange.