RENEW Strategies

RENEW partners Matt and Laura Davis will be traveling across the U.S. and Canada to meet with investors.
Reflections on the steps that led me to RENEW and what the future has in store.
Taking a closer look at the seven companies and entrepreneurs that make up the Impact Angel Network’s portfolio.
RENEW celebrates 5 years of investing in Ethiopia and looks to the future.
A new partnership that will lead to better emergency care in Ethiopia.

From the Field

Justin Reesor
| April 13, 2016
My story of staying true to a promise to create lasting economic growth for the continent.
Emily Ziethen
| April 08, 2016
Investing On The Frontier podcast invites RENEW’s Tom Scriven to discuss all things term sheets.
Matthew Davis, CFA
| April 01, 2016
RENEW analyzes the World Bank’s recent survey on Ethiopian enterprise and finds some surprises.
Emily Ziethen
| March 25, 2016
The portfolio company is excited to announce the soft launch of its Addis Ababa visitor’s center.
Emily Ziethen
| March 22, 2016
Partner Matt Davis speaks on an entrepreneurial leadership and impact investing panel.