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From the Field

Prasoon Raghuwanshi
| May 4, 2017
RENEW explores five articles that will help companies and individuals to perform better

Laura Davis
| May 3, 2017
RENEW Launches The Executive's Program and CFO100

Laura Davis
| April 17, 2017
“Wait a minute, why is the traffic moving so smoothly?” That was our initial reaction...

Emily Ziethen
| March 1, 2016
Tune in to the sixth episode of RENEW’s podcast series, Investing On The Frontier, for an on the ground perspective from our team in Addis Ababa.

Matthew Davis, CFA
| July 22, 2013
Part II of a typical day in Ethiopia for the RENEW team...

Matthew Davis, CFA
| July 19, 2013
A day in the life of the RENEW team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia...

Matthew Davis, CFA
| February 22, 2013
"Are Americans serious about investing in Ethiopia?" We think so...

Matthew Davis, CFA
| January 18, 2013
An update from the RENEW team and what's coming up in 2013...

Matthew Davis, CFA
| April 12, 2012
....we share what a typical week looks like for the RENEW team in Ethiopia.

Matthew Davis, CFA
| April 3, 2012
Some things we’ve learned about being in Ethiopia...