RENEW Strategies



We focus on the opportunity.

At RENEW, we focus on opportunities in developing nations rather than on problems. We focus on investing rather than providing handouts. We find promising businesses, connect them to investors around the world and grow them into world-class companies. We do this because we believe that many growing businesses together create the engine that lifts entire nations out of poverty.


We have a vision to see cities in developing countries alive with private sector activity.

  1. We believe that economic growth solves many of the problems that people see in developing countries, and therefore it should be the world’s focus.
  2. We believe that businesses are the engines of economic development, and that dollar-for-dollar investing in them will create a greater, longer-term, sustainable impact than charity.
  3. We believe many of these businesses are attractive investments and if investors had a simple and clear path that allowed them to invest in them — they would.
  4. We believe it is time for the West to change its development strategy, and begin investing in developing countries.
  5. We believe you can and should do well by doing good. And with this incentive both investors and entrepreneurs ignite the change that developing countries need.


Grow a Company. Build a Nation. Leave a Legacy.

We provide all the services investors need to make the most impact: investments into local businesses in developing countries. We’ve mapped the steps, designed the tools, and we make our own investments. So join us on the most fulfilling investment of your life.


The best way to empower developing countries is through private enterprise and job creation, not charity.

The growth potential of good businesses in developing countries is staggering – and with it, the opportunities for discerning investors. We serve the IAN by helping the network make direct investments into promising local businesses in developing countries, and then growing those businesses into market leaders.

We’re an investment company engaged in a new strategy for development. We invite you to join us.