RENEW Strategies

Company Overview


Facilitating investments in Africa for the Impact Angel Network.

RENEW is an impact investment firm that manages and serves the Impact Angel Network, a global network of investors who seek to make both social impact and financial returns on their investments in Africa. RENEW’s largest office is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where it manages its investment operations. The RENEW team is made up of financial analysts, lawyers and business consultants with extensive experience in Africa. RENEW reduces the costs and risks of investing in developing and emerging countries by partnering with the development community, having a dedicated presence on the ground, managing an exceptional local network, using innovative structures and investment instruments, and providing hands-on consulting to our investments.


RENEW manages the Impact Angel Network, a members-only network of HNIs and wealthy families who invests in Africa.

  1. Incorporation: Established in 2007 as a Delaware limited liability company
  2. Location: North America and Ethiopia
  3. Clients: Development and investment vehicles of the IAN
  4. Services: In-country investment services (deal origination, due diligence, structuring, closing, monitor and evaluation, consulting)
  5. Value Proposition: Enables impact investing in Africa without high transaction costs
  6. Geographic Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically East Africa
  7. Sector Focus: Multiple including clean energy, agro-processing, manufacturing, healthcare
  8. Investment Strategy: Individual investments of $200K - $3M for expansion/growth capital in high growth, domestic firms, with a full exit in 3-7 years via a management buyback; target IRR greater than 25%
  9. Fee Structure: See our Join Page for more information
  10. Team: A seasoned team with years of experience working in Africa and South Asia
  11. Performance: 2008: Africa SME-focused fund, private consulting for impact investors, 2011: ICT SME angel investing in Afghanistan, value chain analysis and restructuring for multinational organization, 2012: Opened an office in Ethiopia, 2013 to 2016: Closed seven investments, 2017: Several transactions in progress


Building An Investment Infrastructure Since 2005

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