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RENEW's Brand Story

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Laura Davis
| June 20, 2008

Picture it.

Your plane just landed in a new country. Based on what other people have mentioned, you are excited to explore all the possibilities of this new place. As you exit the plane you are faced with the hard realities that you already knew. You don’t speak the local language or understand the native customs. And more than that, the long trip has left you exhausted and bleary-eyed. You scan the airport for something, anything recognizable — a sign, symbol or friendly face that will point you in the right direction.

Enter RENEW: navigating today’s emerging economies.

That’s the back story for our brand, and it’s the analogy that we like to use to explain what we do for the Impact Angel Network. For small and medium enterprises and investors, we act as personal navigators, strategically guiding them to achieve success.

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