RENEW Strategies

Welcome to Our New Website

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Laura Davis
| December 3, 2009

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website. Assisted by the professionals at Development Seed, the RENEW team has worked hard over the past few months to offer a number of new services and features that we believe will add value to investors, developing world businesses and others in the social investment community. Here is a brief overview of what you will find as you navigate through our new site:

  • For investors: We now offer an easy way to browse investment opportunities in developing countries. Our Marketplace (beta) currently features opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa with more coming soon.
  • For businesses in developing countries: In as little as 30 minutes businesses can apply to be featured in our Marketplace (beta). We will also be featuring resources and tools to help businesses grow.
  • For the social investment community: As part of our blog, we will be active in scanning the news and providing our thoughts and ideas for building the middle markets in developing countries.

Enjoy the site and please send us your thoughts at