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Africa's Story on the Global Market "Has Only Just Begun"

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Laura Davis
| July 15, 2010

One particular article has been floating around the investment space during the past week. It's an interesting article written by Matthew Tostevin and Stuart Grudgings after interviews with several influential figures in emerging markets finance. Africa Prospects Lure Investors, But is it Ready? details Africa's growth trajectory on the world's markets and in particular as it relate to the BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China.

"What's absolutely striking is how much change there's been between the BRIC countries and Africa," said Jacko Maree, chief executive of South Africa's Standard Bank, which is Africa's biggest. "We like to think that the whole story has only just begun."

As part of the article, two graphs provide a quick macro view of the key economic indicators:

Yes, there are specific risks associated with African markets, but done right, investments made into African markets have much potential.

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