RENEW Strategies

Announcing an Investment Proposal Template

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Michael Plato
| March 11, 2010

We’d like to share with you to a new and growing section on our website, Business Toolkit. As we’ve been traveling East Africa and talking with small- to medium-sized businesses (SME), we are constantly reminded that under unpolished exteriors are incredible investment opportunities.

For that reason, RENEW hopes to grow our Business Toolkit to help SMEs speak the language of Western investors, in simple, straightforward ways. We also strive to provide investors with the information they must have, without placing an unrealistic burden on African SMEs. We’ve found this often just isn’t possible with existing tools created for Western or advanced markets. So we’d like to announce that we’ve created a simplified, relevant RENEW Investment Proposal Template, which we are planning to debut at RENEW’s three upcoming SME workshops in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya this month. With the existing RENEW SME Application, the RENEW Marketplace, RENEW Opportunity Profiles, and forthcoming templates, RENEW hopes to accomplish our goal of simplifying the market for investors and SMEs. RENEW is working hard to make this complex investment space as simple as possible for all involved.

But what makes RENEW’s Business Toolkit different? We speak simply, and only request the information that is absolutely relevant to investing in the African middle-market. Simplicity is what will translate to SMEs, and simplicity is how investors will find order in the chaos.

How many opportunities have been missed because African SMEs and Western investors couldn’t translate, couldn’t find the middle ground that bridges a complex market and an emerging one? As a result of these tools and RENEW’s sourcing services, we hope to significantly decrease the number of opportunities that are missed.

Please continue to check back as we grow our Business Toolkit!