RENEW Strategies

Positioned to Help Investors Scale in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Laura Davis
| February 21, 2010

The landscape of impact investing in emerging economies is changing rapidly. Interest is growing, and having surveyed the space for more than three years, RENEW is uniquely positioned to assist investors in accessing quality investment opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our East Africa network is growing and across the industry private equity funds slated for Africa are increasing (an estimated $5 billion is earmarked for Africa). Success stories are emerging and policy changes are making way for more investments.

A recent news story posted on by Ed Cropley and Ben Hirschler details the current sub-Saharan Africa investment landscape. The piece quotes a range of folks involved in the space and summarizes recent work by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

The RENEW team is invigorated by the growing life we see in the Impact investment market. Feedback on our services and Marketplace is positive and we are making regular trips to visit businesses and partners.

Let us know if you need help finding quality businesses in East Africa.