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Herat Phase 2...

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Laura Davis
| June 22, 2011

After a month back in the United States gauging interest among private investors, the RENEW team is returning to Herat to continue our work of finding and assessing high potential ICT businesses (SMEs). Our initial findings from the first month in Herat were good and we have several promising entrepreneurs who rose to the top as candidates for the project’s portfolio.

Though Afghanistan is a stretch for some investors, our initial response from the U.S. and regional investors, whom we have approached, has been surprisingly positive. This illustrates the public's desire to get involved with development. It’s a monumental accomplishment to attract private investment for SMEs in Afghanistan, and the RENEW, IBM and The Clearing teams are working hard in both Afghanistan and the United States to achieve this goal.

Things the Herat-based team is excited about:

  • Participating in and encouraging the economic bustle of Herat City
  • Spending time with entrepreneurs and hearing their stories and visions
  • Rolling up our sleeves and diving into our due diligence process with the businesses
  • The strength of the RENEW team and the partnership with IBM, The Clearing and the Task Force
  • Our great security team
  • The depth, quality and potential impact of the project

Things the team is not excited about:

  • Kabul airport
  • Choppy internet
  • The dust storms

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