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RENEW Announces Two New Team Members

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Laura Davis
| May 18, 2012

Lars Erik Baller of Norway and Tom Scriven of the United States join the RENEW team

RENEW LLC recently added two new members to the team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Washington, D.C. Finance and accounting specialist, Lars Erik Baller of Norway joined the field team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lars has extensive experience working with businesses across Africa. He brings a depth of financial expertise to the RENEW team, and will help them develop, assess, and grow their investments in Ethiopia and across the region. Legal and impact measurement specialist, Tom Scriven, Esq., of the United States is working for the RENEW team in Washington D.C. Tom will help the RENEW team expand their in-house legal and transactional services.

Please join the RENEW management team in welcoming Lars and Tom.

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