RENEW Strategies

Update From the Field

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Matthew Davis, CFA
| October 29, 2012

The RENEW team has been hard at work this month. We have been busy meeting with business executives and investors across the U.S. and Europe to present them with opportunities for investments and partnerships in Ethiopia. The West has been slow to engage Africa's burgeoning private sector; however we are seeing encouraging signs that their "caution" is turning into "curiosity." As a result of our trips, we have several new investor groups scheduled to come to Ethiopia in the New Year, and a number of funds and banks have started discussions with us about co-investing and partnerships.

Part of our mission at RENEW is to provide investors with exceptional in-country services so they can invest with confidence. An equally important part of RENEW's mission is to help local companies grow into market leaders. We do this by offering world-class advisory services alongside our investment facilitation. Although we realize that our goal of building a robust investment market for local businesses in Ethiopia will take time, we are excited by the recent growth and interest from our investor network.

We are also excited to announce that we will soon be offering a course to company executives titled "The Unwritten Rules of Doing Business with the U.S." We have given this course in Africa and Asia with great success, and we will begin offering a customized version for Ethiopia. This course is a very candid discussion covering topics about U.S. business culture, expectations, investment procedures, business and investment terms, common mistakes companies make when working with Americans and practical advice about how to position a company to attract U.S. partners, investors and clients.

We are continuing to strengthen and grow our office in Addis, and we are working closely with U.S. and European development organizations to enlist their support to help us encourage Western private partnerships and investments into local businesses. We are excited to continue to share RENEW’s progress with you!

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