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Biruk Abayneh
| May 23, 2013

Impact Investing
Huffington Post - "Impact investing is an effort to nudge more commercial investment capital into the social investing space by getting them to consider the social impacts of their investments alongside financial returns using double or triple bottom line approaches. In its ideal form, impact investing holds great promise for shifting significant sums of capital. According to a recent research report by the Monitor Group, the impact investing industry could grow from its present $50 billion to $500 billion in assets within the next decade."
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Invest in Africa
WSJ - "Nine out of 15 of the world's fastest growing countries today are African. Over the past decade, the continent's economies have grown at an average 5% per annum. Foreign direct investment, which stood at $9 billion at the turn of the millennium, last year exceeded $80 billion. Far from being a flash in the pan, this is the result of a sustained period of increasingly sophisticated economic management and stable politics."
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ENCA - "Three African countries have been listed in the top ten of the 102 best places in the world to invest. A report by the US think tank, Foreign Policy has ranked countries by their attractiveness as investment destinations. Southern Africa’s Botswana, East Africa’s Rwanda and West Africa’s Ghana have all been listed among the 10 best places in the world to invest. This is based on the ease of doing business, the return on investments and the stability of the country. In first place on the continent and second globally is Botswana. Botswana is one of Africa’s least populated and wealthiest countries."
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SMEs in Africa
All Africa - "As an African entrepreneur, I keenly await the outcomes of the 2013 World Economic Forum on Africa. One of the key issues to be discussed is how to accelerate economic diversification to deliver on Africa’s promise. This can be explored on three different levels: the types of industry and economic activity carried out across the continent; the promotion of workplace inclusivity; and the rectification of some of the economic imbalances in the demographics of many African economies."
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