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In the News... The Africa Beats

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Laura Davis
| January 16, 2013

Welcome to RENEW's In the News…The Africa Beats. The following post includes highlights on topics such as Investing in Africa, Impact Investing and more:

BBC - A special report from the BBC details the rise of booming businesses in Ethiopia and how a country once associated with complete poverty is yielding returns as high as 30%. Watch the full video

Invest in Africa
Africa Mentor - An interview conducted this week from with US and UK based investment firms points to promising investment opportunities in Africa. The interview revealed important insights for individuals and companies considering African investments, including that productivity and consumption in Africa have been rising since 2000, and forecasts show that consumption will nearly double again by 2020. This would put Africa at the same level as China in 2009.
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Ventures – Last week a report was released detailing the top 40 African investment highlights of 2012, ranging from $115 million five-star hotel in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, by Emfuleni Resorts, to $100 million technology center in Ghana by RLG Communications, Africa’s leading mobile phone and computer assembler, to a $40 million healthcare facility in Morocco.
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Impact Investing
AdvisorOne – The third annual survey by J.P. Morgan and the Global Impact Investing Network confirm that impact investing is on the rise. The survey found that respondents had committed to invest $8 billion in impact investments in 2012, and in 2013 they were planned to invest $9 billion. Additionally, 68% reported that their portfolios’ 2012 financial performance was in line with their expectations, with 21% reporting out performance.
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