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Portfolio Accomplishments: Part One

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Emily Ziethen
| March 18, 2015

In partnership with RENEW, the Impact Angel Network (IAN) has invested
in three companies to date, with two more investments closing soon. RENEW’s portfolio consists of Mama Fresh, a commercial manufacturer and exporter of injera and Ethiopian food products, METAD, an Ethiopian specialty coffee producer and exporter, and dVentus, a clean energy company. RENEW is proud of the social impact and financial growth that each of its portfolio companies have achieved to date, and is excited to provide an update on those accomplishments.

Mama Fresh recently won an award as the #1 micro and small enterprise exporter from the Addis Ababa
Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Construction. Prime Minister Haliemariam Desalegn presented the award to Mama Fresh’s Hailu Tesema at a national ceremony. Mama Fresh also just finished transitioning its operations from a traditional injera manufacturing facility to a modern commercial injera and Ethiopian cuisine production facility. As a result, the company has doubled its capacity over what it was able to produce prior to the investment made by the IAN.

The company has also achieved many other milestones since receiving the IAN’s investment, including:

  1. More than 300 smallholder farmers or marginal producers have supplied raw materials to Mama Fresh or received training or other support, post investment
  2. Generating more than $1.5M in export revenue
  3. Establishing a strategic partnership with a Fortune 500 food company

These accomplishments come as no surprise. They have been brought about by Mama Fresh’s hard work and dedication to the quality of its products, its commitment to the wellbeing of its staff, and its mission to see more people around the world “dance with their fingers, and eat Ethiopian”.

We are proud to be a part of the Mama Fresh story.

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