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Portfolio Accomplishments: Part Three

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Emily Ziethen
| March 23, 2015

To conclude our blog series about our
portfolio companies' accomplishments, we move on to METAD, an Ethiopian specialty coffee producer and exporter. Over the past month, METAD has been completing work on its new brand (see the sleek new leaf logo above!) and redesigning its website. The company recently launched the new website, which highlights METAD’s specialty arabica coffee and notable accomplishments aimed at building Ethiopia’s coffee sectors. Aman Adinew, founder of METAD, has a vision of discerning coffee drinkers around the world enjoying Ethiopian specialty coffee, and of Ethiopia achieving the worldwide brand recognition its coffee deserves. METAD’s new website and brand are key resources the company will use to make this vision a reality.

Meanwhile, METAD also is making strides in expanding its operations. The company recently expanded to a new site in Gedeb, where it operates a washing system, dry mill and drying beds. The company continues to operate a 200-hectare original specialty coffee farm in Hambela. Aman is overseeing both sites to ensure the same quality of coffee bean is produced at both sites.

In the process of expanding, METAD has created 545 jobs within the community and has increased sales by 402% since the IAN initially invested in 2013. METAD has come a long way since that investment, and RENEW is excited about the company’s future with Aman at the helm.

Another thing we love about METAD is the
company’s dedication to giving back to the local community. Since 2013, METAD has adopted an elementary school with 408 students near its Hambela farm, purchasing benches and tables for the school and subsidizing teachers’ salaries to incentivize them to stay rather than take higher paying jobs in bigger towns and cities.

We are proud to be a part of the METAD story.

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