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Preparing for a New Era of Africa

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Emily Ziethen
| October 6, 2015

The second episode of Investing On The Frontier beings with hosts Matt and Laura Davis hiking on the trails of Entoto Mountain in preparation for their climb up Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) in a few weeks. This episode also coincides with the Ethiopian Orthodox holiday of Meskel, where hundreds of individuals light small bonfires in honor of Queen Eleni, who was instructed to build a bonfire and told that the smoke would reveal the location of the true cross. Be sure to check out Laura’s blog on her observations and reflections of this year’s celebrations.

In keeping with the theme of preparation, Matt and Laura share insights that will help listeners prepare for a new era on the continent of Africa. RENEW advocates and believes that the continent will experience significant growth over the next few decades, and Westerners should start engaging with Africa in a new way and not miss out on this great business opportunity. We need to better understand and become familiar with the cultural, economic and investment environments of the 54 different countries that make up this great continent.

Be sure to tune in and listen to Matt and Laura’s recommendations on how listeners can start coming to terms with and shifting their perspective towards the “New Africa”.

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