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RENEW Team Member Interviewed by Home & Family Finance Radio

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Emily Ziethen
| July 21, 2015

This past weekend, while listening to your local talk radio station, you might have heard one of RENEW’s founding partners, Matthew Davis, discussing the basics surrounding impact investing, the risks and opportunities found in frontier markets, and the investors who make up the Impact Angel Network.

Home & Family Finance Radio talkshow host, Paul Berry, posed several thought-provoking and in-depth questions during the interview, from “How is impact investing different from philanthropy or charity?” to “What are the risks associated with this type of investing, and how do I protect myself?” Matt thoughtfully responded and shared his expertise in the field.

According to Matt, the main difference between impact investing and philanthropy or charity is that with this type of investment, people are looking to receive both financial returns and social returns; they are measuring these two outcomes equally. If investors choose to make such investments in frontier markets, then Matt suggests working with a company, like RENEW, that has a “boots-on-the-ground” approach and who will manage the entire investment process.

RENEW and the Impact Angel Network encourage you to listen to the entire interview to better understand the complexities that surround this type of investing. Please click on the following LINK or the image below: