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Word on the Street

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Emily Ziethen
| December 18, 2015

The globetrotters are at it again! Investing on the Frontier’s hosts, Matt and Laura Davis, bring you the fourth episode in our podcast series from Washington D.C. After spending some time in the States to connect with investors, and celebrate the holidays with friends and family, Matt and Laura will be heading back to Ethiopia to dive into the work that 2016 will bring.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, Matt and Laura provide several real time updates on what’s happening “on-the ground” and “in-the-field” in Ethiopia over the course of this latest episode. The word on the street is that Ethiopia has lately been receiving mixed reviews in the press, so Investing on the Frontier hosts walk listeners through the country’s most recent headlines to bring a little clarity and analyze Ethiopia’s current investment and economic environment. So, be sure to listen in to the fourth episode to get the latest scoop on all things Ethiopia!

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