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Term Sheets - Just What the Heck Are They?

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Emily Ziethen
| April 8, 2016

Investing On The Frontier’s host, Matt Davis, speaks with RENEW’s own legal guru and General Counsel, Tom Scriven, in the podcast’s latest episode.

After relating some quick updates on key Ethiopian economic indicators (exchange rates, inflation rates, coffee prices, etc.), Matt and Tom set out to decode and provide clarity on term sheets, and why they are such an important part of the investment process – for both investors and entrepreneurs.

Tom gives some great insight on the significance of going to terms, the typical outline of a term sheet and defines several key terms that are commonly found in a term sheets that every investor should know.

Novice and sophisticated impact angel investors alike will find value in this informative discussion, so be sure to tune in to this month’s episode of Investing On The Frontier!

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