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Emily Ziethen
| July 28, 2016

Matt and Laura Davis have recently returned from Ethiopia to the United States to meet with investors and members of the IAN in Los Angeles, Chicago, Ottawa, Montreal and Boston from mid July through early August.

Last week, RENEW co-hosted an informal info session and happy hour in Los Angeles for network members and their guests. We of course want to give a huge thank you to network Chapter Chair Jodi Morris, who drove down from San Francisco to share about her experiences with the IAN, and introduce her close friends Teri and Steve Carcano, who opened up their beautiful Malibu home to us.

The theme of the evening was centered on uncovering the motivations and stories that connected each person to the event, to each other, to impact investing and to places in Africa, like Ethiopia. Jodi, Matt, Laura and a host of others, including Michael Adinew of METAD, shared stories about what brought them to the event and connected them to each other. It was an enlightening and lively discussion that revealed many interesting and unexpected linkages.

Matt and Laura will soon be traveling to the cities of Chicago, Ottawa, Montreal and Boston to meet with members of the IAN, local investors and host information sessions on RENEW and the growing fields of angel and impact investing. Please be sure to reach out if you are interested in more details, or would like to connect with the partners while they are in the U.S.

To find out more about RENEW or the Impact Angel Network, contact us at, follow us on Twitter @RENEWLLC or find us on Instagram @impactangelnetwork.