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Key Resources for Executives

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Prasoon Raghuwanshi
| May 29, 2017

In the following post, we look at key resources to help executives manage and perform better in their roles. Below are 4 articles that will help you achieve this:

Does brainwriting or brainstorming work better for generating creative/problem-solving ideas? In the article, Who Needs Brainstorming? Brainwriting Gets Way More Ideas, This Prof Says, research shows that Brainwriting is much more effective than brainstorming. If brainstorming involves verbalizing ideas, brainwriting entails writing down ideas individually and then sharing it in a meeting.

Why Do So Many Managers Avoid Giving Praise outlines how the most difficult part of a manager’s job is giving feedback. In a survey of 7,631 people, participants were asked whether they believed that giving negative feedback was stressful or difficult, and 44% agreed. Research suggests that if you want to be seen as someone who gives good feedback, you should proactively develop the skill of giving praise as well as criticism.

Many manufacturing firms leave enormous value on the table because of their approach to sales and operations planning. Good Sales and Operations Planning is No Longer Good Enough shows how they tend to use rough rules of thumb rather than rigorous mathematics, and they lack close coordination among different departments. This framework from Bain Consulting will help you plan in a more integrated way.

In the modern world when everyone is busy, you need to be specific about how to get to the point in everything you write. Grammarly, the best app for helping people use the right grammar in communications, gives tips about how to write well and get attention in the article Be Specific! How to Get to the Point in Everything You Write.

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