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Yoseph Getachew
| November 2, 2017

I’ve always had this fear. A fear of vanishing without doing something worthwhile; living a life without a purpose. To tone down this sound in my head, I started taking part in volunteer work that had a focus on underprivileged teens from the age of 8 to 15, and I also decided to cover school expenses for one student each year. But even while doing this, I never felt like I was doing enough to help others who would benefit from what I had to offer.

Looking back at the life path I had, with a degree in Economics, an MBA and over six years of experience in banking (which taught me a lot about finance, economics, business development and people skills), I have been preparing for this job. All these skills will help me create a lasting change that we call impact here at RENEW. Therefore, when I saw this job opportunity, I went for it without a flinch. I am so grateful to join a company that is working to create an impact in this part of the world. Organizations like RENEW will help develop the infant private sector.

In many ways, working in this type of environment is helping to directly and indirectly improve many individuals’ lives from the jobs we are creating. Every day, I would see able people that could have participated in facilitating this country’s development, and I remember trying to figure out what was missing, why these people were doing nothing to improve their lives. And then I would see small businesses struggling to survive, not being able to grow their organizations which in return would have helped them financially and create other working opportunities.

There was a missing link that could help improve the way of thinking for so many small businesses and assist them psychologically and financially, and create jobs for people. Here at RENEW, that is exactly what we do and this is motivating me to work harder because this is what I have been wanting to do for a while now. I want to participate in a cause that improves the working and living conditions for so many people.

Five weeks in, and I now have the inside view of what is really happening at RENEW. It’s been really fascinating to join a team of local and international professionals working to create an impact on the very people that I want to offer my service to, in whatever way I can. The positive energy in the working environment is also improving my day-to-day life immensely. Everyday leaving work, I know I have played a role in the 2,092 jobs created and sustained by RENEW.

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