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Sharks vs. Angels

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Laura Davis
| October 4, 2017

Yes, they may be angel investors, but things got heated up with some hard hitting questions when six companies stood before members of RENEW’s Impact Angel Network (IAN) to pitch investment opportunities in Ethiopia. The setting: our beautiful space, The Exchange, located above Galani Café in Jacros.

Ten members of the Impact Angel Network traveled from their homes across the United States to Ethiopia from September 19-23, 2017 to decide firsthand their thoughts on investment opportunities and also visit with companies they had already invested in.

The IAN is now one of the most active private equity investors in Ethiopia, and more than 75 investors have participated in the Econ-Tourism Trips in the last 5.5 years since RENEW opened an office in Addis Ababa. Each trip the companies toured and considered for investment are different and the Econ-Tourism Trip experience is unique and exciting in its own way, based on the interests and personalities of the investors and the trip’s agenda. Unique opportunities also help make the trip informative and enjoyable, such as riding on Africa’s first light rail in the heat of rush hour. This September’s trip was no different.

Some of our classic trip components include bumping along on back roads on the hunt for great companies; our business cocktail reception that includes no speeches, only connections with investors and other members of the business community; and good, local Ethiopian cuisine at some of Addis’ finest restaurants.

Stay tuned in the next few months for more information on the investments the IAN and RENEW have decided to move forward with.

To find out more about RENEW or the IAN, contact us at, follow us on Twitter @RENEWLLC or find us on Instagram @impactangelnetwork. Be sure to check out our upcoming events, including the upcoming Econ-Tourism Trip February 18-24, 2018 and the National Gathering on October 27, 2017.