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CFO100 and the Exec’s Program: Round 2!

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Teshager Demissie
| January 30, 2018

Here at RENEW, we know CEOs and CFOs are among the most important positions in an organization. That’s why we designed two unique programs, The CFO100 and The Exec’s Program, to support and strengthen these key individuals in Ethiopia’s growing private sectors.

Last year in 2017, RENEW had 11 business leaders graduate from the Exec’s Program and 24 CFOs out of CFO100. After reviewing feedback, we are finished the preparation to run these courses again in 2018. On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, RENEW will launch the second round of training for both programs.

The Exec’s Program helps form the habits of market leaders. The program focuses on the battle rhythms of effective businesses including strategic and annual planning, key financial management tools, corporate governance, company reports, management teams, reporting and finance for execs, marketing mastery, sales and customer service. In addition to the in-person classes, a number of one-on-one coaching sessions take place with Matthew Davis and the CEOs. These sessions end up being extremely helpful and more focused on the specifics of the business the CEO is leading.

In terms of CFO100, we focus on practical skills to help finance professionals become the strategic advisors (CFOs) needed in market leading companies. Costing, building and using a budget, excel for CFOs, financial analysis and presentations of financials, and running a finance department are some of the major topics of CF0100. 

In less than a week the first class of 2018 will be held - and we couldn’t be more excited to see what this group of CFOs and CEOs will bring to the table!

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