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March 2018 Resource Blog

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Prasoon Raghuwanshi
| April 3, 2018

This month, we've collected articles about a few retail companies and the steps and tools they used to build and scale themselves into global brands.

  • As Ethiopia is gradually welcoming global retail brands to start operations in the country, entrepreneurs can learn a detailed case study on Trader Joe's and understand how the company started and grew operations. The presentation captures Trader Joe's journey from a conventional convenience store into an upmarket store from 1957 onwards.
  • Once you have an idea, then the next step is to create a pitch deck to present to investors. Almost everyone spends many hours in building a pitch deck irrespective of the fundraising amount. You can find pitch decks of Airbnb, YouTube, LinkedIn and 27 other companies and learn from what they presented to the investors when they were raising money.
  • Amazon has $5.6 billion in income which comes from the simplicity of experience, process, and functionality. Amazon's success is unusual in the design community: Successful design is not necessarily beautiful.

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Image Source: Outline World Map Images