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Prasoon Raghuwanshi
| May 1, 2018

A high-powered executive has to make various decisions each day in the business. For May, our resource blog focuses on understanding how to make better decisions while avoiding the biases.

  • Research: Learning a Little About Something Makes Us Overconfident: As an executive, one of the major pitfalls is being overconfident. HBR's research focuses on overconfidence as people tackle new challenges and learn. To be a beginner is to be susceptible to undue optimism and confidence. This article explores the exact shape and timeline of that overconfidence.
  • Daniel Pink - How to Make Better Decisions and Be More Creative: This podcast explores how to make better decisions, ask better questions, and be more creative. Daniel Pink is the author of six books which have won multiple awards and have been translated into 37 languages.
  • Company Culture, Collaboration, and Competition: This podcast has a discussion with Margaret Heffernan, who is a speaker, international executive, and five-time author. The discussion is about how to get the most out of your people, creating a thriving culture of trust and collaboration, and how to prevent potentially devastating "willful blindness".

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Image Source: The 7 Triggers: The Sweet Spot in the C-Suite Skill Set: People