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September Resource Blog

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Prasoon Raghuwanshi
| September 5, 2018

This month, we've collected a list of articles about customer experiences and engagement tips from successful companies. Take a read through the three resources below for a deeper dive into the topic.

How To Propel Employee Engagement To Sky-Rocketing Levels: Pepsi was the first company in history to market itself by promoting the image of the consumer that drank it, as opposed to the product itself — and that was only 50 years ago. Since then, consumers, aided by social media, have become far more conscious of who they are in the context of the products they use than even Pepsi could’ve imagined. In this society of ultra-conscious consumers, successful brands will be those that make consumers feel the way they want to feel about themselves. (Zander Nethercutt)

Profile of CC Myers Construction company: C.C. Myers, who, for more than two decades, has been California’s go-to guy when roads are ravaged by acts of God or the toll of time. The New York Times once called him the “Miracle Worker Highway Man.” His current company, Myers & Sons (which he runs with son Clinton), juggles more than 25 active projects across six states. They finish jobs early again and again. (Comstock’s)

The CEO Guide to Consumer Experience: Delighting customers by mastering the concept and execution of an exceptionally good customer experience is a challenge. But it is an essential requirement for leading in an environment where customers wield growing power. (McKinsey and Company)

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Image Source: Zander Nethercutt: How To Propel Employee Engagement To Sky-Rocketing Levels