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An Angel Investor's Tour to Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda

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Erin O'Connor
| February 6, 2019

At the end of January, a longtime member and IAN investor, Dr. Andrew Umhau, joined Matt, Laura and Brooklyn on a regional trip across East Africa to see how the Ethiopia portfolio was doing, meet new companies in Ethiopia and Uganda, and explore Rwanda. It was Dr. Umhau’s first trip back to Addis in over 7 years and a lot has changed since he last visited, including the amount of growth the country has undergone.

Over the course of the week with RENEW, Andrew was able to visit over 20 different businesses. This included a number of site visits, as well as meetings with partners and entrepreneurs. It was a unique opportunity for him to see some of the businesses his family had invested in, as well as other companies in the RENEW portfolio and in the current pipeline. Visiting RENEW in-country is always a valuable trip and provides a first-hand experience seeing the companies that are discussed on our Monthly Members’ Calls.

After a few days in Addis, Andrew and the RENEW partners took off for Kampala, Uganda. Joined by our team member in-country, Mary Adoi, the group had the opportunity to visit with 16 different businesses currently interested in receiving financing. The entrepreneurs in Uganda were eager and excited for the prospect of working with RENEW.

The last leg of the journey was a stop in Rwanda: an exciting, young country vibrant with businesses. The team agreed there was a lot of growth potential in the country, and were excited by the people and the city of Kigali.

Overall, Dr. Umhau experienced first-hand how RENEW works in-country. He had the chance to meet our team on the ground as well as a number of businesses, and he was able to witness some of the training and vibrant community that has been built at the Exchange.

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