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Desta is Like Family

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Erin O'Connor
| June 25, 2019

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Tadelech Buto's story (Desta Manager). This blog is an excerpt from our 2018 Impact Report.

Tadelech Buto has been working at Desta in Ethiopia for several years. With previous experience in the textile industry in Ethiopia, she started as a supervisor at the company, controlling one line with 48 workers. Now two children and five years later, she manages all the garment production at the company which means overseeing 350 employees and the entire sewing process. She is also responsible for the key role of training new employees.

Tadelech originally heard about Desta through a friend who was working with the company at the time. Now looking back, she believes that the company excels in several areas including quality production, competitive salaries and good employee working conditions. She recently commented, “Desta is like a school for all of us. Most of us came without the knowledge that we have now.” In particular, she likes the consistency of the work, citing that in other companies the production regularly starts and stops.

Like many women, her children are a key part of her life. Now 4 years old and 18 months, respectively, she is grateful she was able to take maternity leave with both of her children’s arrivals and come back to work at Desta after. In the most recent case, her return to the company also came with a promotion to production manager.

When asked about why working at Desta has been important, Tadelech commented, “Developing my self confidence makes me happy. Before working for Desta, I was living with my parents. However, now I have my own home with my husband and children.”

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