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February Resource Blog

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Prasoon Raghuwanshi
| February 5, 2019

Our February Resource Blog focuses on resources for managers. Take a few minutes and read through the articles below for a deeper understanding on managing group projects, building a successful team, structuring your day, and decision making.

How Managers Can Make Group Projects More Efficient: In this article, the Harvard Business Review looks at how managers can reap the benefits of effective collaboration while avoiding inefficiencies in the process. (Harvard Business Review)

How to Build a Successful Team: In order to build a successful team, you need to do a lot more than finding a group of people with the right skills. In this article, insights from successful leaders give the groundwork to building a highly productive team. (The New York Times)

How to Structure Your Day Better: “Most workdays start with the right intentions. You begin the day energized, with an ambitious list of tasks and a manageable inbox. But things quickly unravel as meetings, email, and colleagues’ fire drills take over. Before you know it, your deliberate organization comes crashing down like an overextended Jenga tower, sending you home defeated.” This article will show how this cycle can be broken and how to restructure your day. (Quartz at Work)

The Art of Decision-Making: By examining a number of complex decision-making situations, this article outlines a number of techniques to allow people to apply the art of decision-making to their own lives. (The New Yorker)

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Image Source: The New York Times: How to Build a Successful Team