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January Resource Blog

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Prasoon Raghuwanshi
| January 8, 2019

Our January Resource Blog focuses on startups and the role of CFOs. Take a few minutes and read through the articles below for a deeper understanding on startup funding, key challenges faced by startups, and demands on CFOs.

Startup funding - The friends and family round: The key areas an entrepreneur should focus on while raising funding from friends and family. (AngelBlog)

How to handle key challenges as you move from startup to IPO: In a hypergrowth company, entrepreneurs face challenges at each stage, but a lot of what a company encounters is entirely predictable. Here is some practical advice on how to tackle each stage in this “growth journey,” passed along by entrepreneurs and executives DFJ Growth has worked with. (Venture Beat)

Are today’s CFOs ready for tomorrow’s demands on finance?: Survey results show that as their role expands to include ever more nonfinancial demands, CFOs know they must build new skills to lead. (McKinsey & Company)

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Image Source: Small Biz Daily: 5 Most Common Problems of Startups and Their Solutions