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October Resource Blog

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Prasoon Raghuwanshi
| September 27, 2019

Our October Resource Blog takes a look at our favorite articles from this past month. Read through the below to learn more about defining success, setting goals, recruitment and buying businesses.

  • Every Business Owner Should Define What Success Looks Like: As a majority of companies are owned by people with a tie to the company instead of outside shareholders, a well-articulated owner strategy about what they want from the company in terms of returns and other objectives generates alignment among owners, board members, executives, and employees. Think of it this way: if owners are clear about how they want to keep score, board members and management teams will know how to win. That clarity also allows companies to define success on their own terms, rather than someone else’s. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Giving Up on My Medium-term Goal Allowed Me to Grow My Company: A CEO recounts his approach of growing a company by focusing on short-term deliverables and a long-term vision instead of medium-term goals. (Fast Company)
  • Recruiting Recruiters: Redpoint Ventures recommends hiring an internal recruiter earlier than usual in a startup, as potential delays might exacerbate the challenges of growing a company. (Medium)
  • Why You Should Buy a Business (and How to Do It): In this article, two professors at Harvard Business School spell out an overlooked career path: buying a business and running it as CEO. Purchasing a small company lets you become your own boss and reap financial rewards without the risks of founding a start-up. Still, there are things you need to know. (Harvard Business Review)

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Image Source: Harvard Business Review: Every Business Owner Should Define What Success Looks Like