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August 2020 Resource Blog

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Mary Adoi
| August 5, 2020

For this month’s resource blog, we’re focusing on sales. Specifically, these articles touch on the 3 C’s of driving sales, questions sales professionals should be asking in the current business climate, and how to be a successful business. Read the articles below to learn more.

The 3 C's of Driving Sales: Connect, Convince, Collaborate: In order to be successful with sales, people in the industry need to exhibit a key set of behaviors to boost their strategy. These behaviors are: connect, convince and collaborate. (Business News Daily)
Time: a 3 minute read

4 Questions Sales Leaders Should be Asking Right Now: In the current business landscape, it has been hard for sales professionals to predict what comes next during COVID-19. During times of uncertainty, it’s important to ask yourself important questions on how the sales team spends their time, how the process is structured and if the roles are still adding value. (HBR)
Time: a 3 minute read

Want to Be a Successful Business? Focus on Your Customers: In order to be a successful business, you need to focus on your customers. The line between being successful and underperforming often lies in how a company treats their customers. Companies which fail to focus on this tend to encourage failure. (Business News Daily)
Time: a 2 and a half minute read

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Image Source: Harvard Business Review: 4 Questions Sales Leaders Should be Asking Right Now