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Econ-Tourism Trip 2020

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Laura Davis
| April 7, 2020

Over my eight years in Ethiopia, I have hosted over 35 families from the Impact Angel Network on Econ-Tourism Trips and a number of others for one-off trips. It’s always invigorating to have these world changers here with us and to see Ethiopia with the fresh eyes they bring. We work to create an unforgettable experience for them and to answer each of their questions with the thoughtfulness it deserves.

This last trip, February 16-22, 2020, was no different. It was a small group, something we like, and the group spent several days in Ethiopia followed by a few days in Uganda. One of the highlights is always the happy hour where we open the doors of our office, The Exchange, to the business community, our development partners and our investors. It’s so fun to listen in on the conversations that ensue and see the enjoyment and light bulbs of understanding that continue to go off for our IAN members who choose to spend their time with us.

We hope you consider the October 4-10, 2020 trip. During that trip, we have plans to continue to enhance the experience so our investors can build relationships, connect with other members and entrepreneurs, find ways to give back and share their knowledge, and process the legacy they are building through the Impact Angel Network.

To find out more about RENEW or the IAN, contact us at, follow us on Twitter @RENEWLLC or find us on Instagram @impactangelnetwork. Be sure to check out our upcoming events at the Exchange in Addis Ababa.