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January Resource Blog

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Prasoon Raghuwanshi
| January 7, 2020

Curious what the last decade’s best performing stock was and why? Wondering why currency devalues? Always wanted to find an easier way to understand accounting policies? This month’s resource blog takes a look at a wide range of these topics from the past month.

  • Raise a Glass to the Decade’s Best-Performing Stock: It may have been the decade of smartphones, on-demand everything, and Instagram memes, but the prize for the world’s best-performing stock in the MSCI World Index goes to a dairy company in New Zealand. This story shows how a New Zealand-based dairy company reinvented a market and products to become the best-performing stock of the decade. (Yahoo Finance)
  • Gone With the Wind: The Flotation’s Impact on Egyptian Exports: As Ethiopia goes through a devaluation of its currency, this case study shows the impact of devaluation and flotation of currency on Egypt's economy and exports. (Mada 21)
  • Accounts Examples: While Ethiopia is moving towards IFRS implementation, the common question/ challenge is finding the right interpretation of an accounting policy. This website shares cases for each policy to help users interpret policies in a practical context. (Accounts Examples)

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