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November 2020 Resource Blog

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Mary Adoi
| November 10, 2020

For this month’s resource blog, we’re focusing on one of the greatest resources in your business, the people. Specifically, these articles will help you keep your people motivated, inspired and understood.

  • Stay Motivated When Feedback Is Scarce: It’s easy to fall into catastrophic thinking — especially when you’re working remotely. Learn how to motivate yourself and others. (HBR)
    Time: a 4-minute read
  • What to Do When Work Feels Meaningless: Understand how to focus on what you can control, taking advantage of the opportunities in a crisis, and how to use the opportunities in a crisis to connect with your purposeful future. (HBR)
    Time: a 3-minute read
  • What Your Youngest Employees Need Most Right Now: The pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for those who are just beginning their careers. Learn how to support the youngest members of your team. (HBR)
    Time: a 3-minute read

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Image Source: Harvard Business Review: What Your Youngest Employees Need Most Right Now