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RENEW and The Exec's Featured on EBS’s Ethio Business

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Dagmawit Shiferaw
| November 9, 2020

RENEW will be featured on EBS’s Ethio Business show on Thursday, November 12, at 8:30 PM EAT. RENEW’s partners, Matthew and Laura Davis, and Project Manager, Dagmawit Shiferaw, will be talking about RENEW’s investment in the country and the development community ecosystem that is supporting the private sector in Ethiopia. Make sure to check back after Thursday for a direct link to the episode below and in the meantime, checkout RENEW’s YouTube (LINK) for short clips from The Exec’s Program.


Thanks to the work RENEW is doing with the development community, including Global Affairs Canada, RENEW currently offers two core training programs: The Exec’s Program and CFO100. Below we recall what Tesfalidet Hagos and Amakelech Lulu had to say about The Exec’s Program.

“RENEW’s Exec’s Program helped me to start thinking more strategically. I am not working as a technician anymore, but instead like an entrepreneur. As a manager, it has helped me free myself so I build systems, properly delegate jobs, and design standard indicators. I now see my company from a higher position instead of getting constantly caught in the day to day issues.”
- Tesfalidet Hagos, Founder and CEO Luna, and Fresh Corner

“The Exec’s Program has given me a lot of confidence related to my financial management. Now I say to my finance manager ‘What is this?’ and ‘How can I do that?’ Through the program, I learned not to be intimidated by financial management, and I learned how to follow up and ensure I have proper cash flow management. Now, I sit with my finance manager regularly. At first, he was surprised because he’d never had a company owner ask him these kinds of questions. He was surprised that I knew the right terms for things. I had even taken an accounting course before, but it hadn’t prepared me to be an entrepreneur.”
- Amakelech Lulu, Founder, and CEO of Gishen Pharmacy

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