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September 2020 Resource Blog

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Mary Adoi
| September 9, 2020

For this month’s resource blog, we’re focusing on marketing strategies and trends. Specifically, these articles discuss marketing trends for 2020, effective brand marketing through COVID-19, and essential marketing strategies for any startup. Read the articles below to learn more.

What’s new? What’s next? 6 essential marketing trends for 2020: This article provides samples of digital marketing tools and techniques to give you an edge in the year ahead in your business. (Smart Insights)
Time: a 5 minute read

Brand Marketing Through the Coronavirus Crisis: With so much changing so quickly during this difficult time, what actions can brands take to serve and grow their customer base, mitigate risk, and take care of their people? (HBR)
Time: a 3 minute read

Five Essential Marketing Strategies For Any Startup: We all know marketing is essential for all businesses, but it's even more important for startups. Read this article to learn why. (Forbes)
Time: a 3 minute read

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Image Source: Harvard Business Review: Brand Marketing Through the Coronavirus Crisis