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Assessments of the barriers to the private sector
A discussion on Ethiopia’s future stock exchange and what it means for investors
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Wondering what’s happening with COVID-19 in Africa? Listen to RENEW LLC ‘s CEO about what he’s seeing on the ground in Ethiopia.

From the Field

Erin O'Connor
| January 08, 2020
Take a quick trip around East Africa with us and pop in to see what’s happening with the IAN’s portfolio
| January 07, 2020
Our favorite articles from the past month
| December 03, 2019
Our favorite articles from the past month
Tsegamlak Solomon
| December 03, 2019
Notable change in terms of protecting the rights of women employees in Ethiopia
Tamiru Belayneh
| December 03, 2019
Tamiru’s Journey to Impact Investing; from Ethiopia, to the U.S. and Back Again