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Likeminded Folks Near You

RENEW and members of the Impact Angel Network (IAN) share a vision for changing the way investors view and invest in Africa. Most IAN members are referred by a trusted friend or colleague, who in turn share the experience with others. We are proud of the progress we have made so far - but we are just getting started!

The IAN has active members in cities across North America and has expanded into Europe. Each city fosters relationships amongst members, providing a focal point to organize gatherings and events. Our most active regional areas include Washington, DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and London.

Local advisory board chairs lead the IAN. Chairs often take on the responsibility of hosting local events and organizing trips, while also sharing insights collected across the membership with RENEW.

The current Impact Angel Network advisory board chairs include Larry & Beth DiSabatino in Wilmington, DE, Nicholas Howle in London, UK, Don Fulton in Wilmington, DE, and Danielle Gibbie in Calgary, Canada.

The IAN is proud to be the largest North American-based angel network dedicated to investing in Africa. Through shared learning, traveling, and investing experiences, members deepen their connections with like-minded investors around the world and in their own communities.

If you would like to learn more about membership benefits and expectations, please contact RENEW or one of our IAN advisory board chairs or members.

Wilmington, Delaware

Larry DiSabatino and his wife Beth are world travelers and intuitively understand RENEW and the Impact Angel Network's mission and vision. Larry is the President of DiSabatino Construction Company and Managing Member of DiSabatino Ventures. Larry and Beth live in Wilmington, DE and are active members in the community through the local Rotary Club chapter and other causes. This is their second year serving on the Board.

London, United Kingdom

Nicholas Howle and his wife Anne-Mieke are no strangers to Ethiopia, having participated in an Econ-Tourism trip in February 2017 and their son Sebastiaan completing a summer internship with RENEW in 2016. The Howle family has been very engaged in sharing the IAN experience ever since. This is their second year serving on the Board.

Calgary, Canada

Danielle Gibbie is from Calgary, Canada and is the Executive Director of the D. Keith MacDonald Foundation (DKM). DKM is currently active in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, and has been a member of the IAN since 2017. Danielle is passionate about building communities and loves a good adventure. This is her first year serving on the Board.

Wilmington, DELAWARE

Don Fulton is from Wilmington, DE and is an IAN Investor and Member since 2013. He's been an active member attending National Gathering's and also attended an Econ-Tourism Trip in 2017. He's a Managing Partner at George J. Weiner Associates and an active member of various community building initiatives in Wilmington. This is his first year serving on the Board.

Emeritus members of the Impact Angel Network Advisory Board include Andrew Umhau, M.D., Alan Gardner, Jeff & Donna Turi, Joel & Beth Marquette, David Grizzle and Jodi Morris.