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Case Study: Ethiopia

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Laura Davis
| June 18, 2012

Ethiopia: Getting in on the ground floor

Since 2005, members of the RENEW team have been exploring opportunities in Ethiopia. Anticipating the country’s growth, RENEW spent years building relationships with local partners and members of the Diaspora, learning the business environment, and witnessing the impressive growth across Addis and other cities throughout Ethiopia.

In 2012, RENEW formalized our presence in what many believe to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In February, RENEW opened our East Africa office in Addis. In addition to navigating the formal registration process, our team has begun to develop a quality pipeline of investment opportunities, and we are currently closing our first investments.

We have a strong network of local technical assistance (TA) partners, development organizations, and professional firms including lawyers, accountants and consultants that share our vision to establish an angel investment market in Ethiopia. We have begun organizing a number of investors throughout the U.S. and Europe, and our investment activity will increase over the next two years.

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