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Strengthening Ethiopia’s investment industry.

Private equity investing is a major source of capital in developed and emerging economies and is steadily becoming a recognized source of capital in Sub-Saharan Africa. Still, equity investing is a relatively new concept for many in Ethiopia, and as a result, companies still struggle to find and attract much-needed growth capital. RENEW, as one of the pioneers of equity investing in Ethiopia, and in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada, is pleased to offer a workshop to companies, banks, government employees and other stakeholders that wish to learn more about equity investing.

Private Equity Workshop objectives include:

  1. Learn about RENEW, the Accelerating Business Growth Project, The Investment Challenge and The Exchange.
  2. Understand private equity, why it exists and how it can help your business.
  3. Understand how investing works, the key steps and how to make it through each one, successfully.
  4. Learn how investors value companies and how to increase the value of their business.
  5. Understand secrets of success, and how to get involved.

What is our ultimate goal? To build and strengthen the investment ecosystem through targeted trainings, making good investments and growing great companies, in turn leading to financial returns and the creation of jobs in Ethiopia.

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