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Econ-Tourism Trips


Warren Buffet meets Indiana Jones.

One way members experience their investments is by participating in an Econ-Tourism trip - a new type of travel that combines the allure of foreign lands with the rigor of an investor looking for his or her next great business opportunity. Think Indiana Jones meets Warren Buffet. RENEW began offering Econ-Tourism trips to Ethiopia in 2012 for IAN members and have hosted multiple trips each year ever since.

This experience allows members to see developing countries through a new lens. Members gain a deeper understanding of both the local culture and the business investment environment. Members meet with entrepreneurs, tour their facilities, see the current state of the businesses first-hand, and help choose the next set of investment opportunities for the IAN. Trip participants are also encouraged to take side trips to beautiful and historic spots around Ethiopia, such as the monolithic rock-cut churches of Lalibela.

"Here we were in Ethiopia where Laura and Matt are sensitively engaging the culture, building relationships, joining into what is already flourishing in Ethiopia, simply serving as the conduit for people like me to do my part to help talented business people take their ideas to the next level. I went home enriched by the conversations with fellow travelers as much as by what we’d seen and done. It was a great way to explore an investment and a lot of fun." - Andrew Umhau, IAN Member.

"The Econ-Tourism Trip really helped to connect things for me. It allowed me to visit a place that I hold dear to my heart, and experience it in a way that I never had before - meeting with the passionate entrepreneurs that make up Ethiopian small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), who in turn will be the drivers of economic growth for the country. All in all, it was a truly exciting and inspiring trip!" - Beth Marquette, IAN Member.

Are you ready to go on an investment adventure?

Please visit our Events page for a list of upcoming Econ-Tourism trip dates. Learn more about the trips and read about IAN members Jeff and Donna Turi, Andrew Umhau, Beth Marquette and Jodi Morris' personal trip experiences.