RENEW Strategies



Looking for adventure, impact and financial returns?

The RENEW team works closely with Impact Angel Network members to understand their investment and impact objectives, and then provides the full range of services they need to have a successful investment experience.

Members of RENEW’s Impact Angel Network have the opportunity to:

  • Attend network dinners and events with investors from around the world
  • Join monthly IAN members-only calls to learn about investment opportunities and get real-time updates from RENEW’s team in Ethiopia
  • Join guided Econ-Tourism trips to Africa
  • Gain access to an exclusive pipeline of investment opportunities
  • Receive full support from RENEW’s team to manage the entire investment process, including post-investment reports on their investments
  • Nominate family members for internship opportunities with RENEW in Africa

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RENEW partners invest in every deal alongside the Impact Angel Network because we believe in our investment strategy and opportunities.


We’re on the ground to manage your investments.

RENEW's in-country turnkey investment management services include:

  1. Deal sourcing: Leverage our extensive network and in-country teams to develop customized portfolios of high-quality opportunities
  2. Financial modeling: Verify assumptions through in-country market research, management interviews and financial document reviews, and create financial models to evaluate the opportunities being considered by the Impact Angel Network
  3. Deal structuring and terms negotiating: Use best practices in structuring investments to ensure smooth exits in illiquid markets present in developing countries, and negotiate terms with entrepreneurs
  4. Due diligence: Run due diligence on deals (See below for more detail)
  5. Closing: Prepare legal investment documentation, and secure the necessary signatures and notarizations
  6. Oversight of disbursement of capital: Oversee each tranche of capital disbursement to ensure capital is being used in accordance with the investment plan
  7. Portfolio management: Assist all portfolio companies with strategic planning, management capacity building, back office optimization, and sales and marketing services; take board positions; prepare quarterly and annual investment reports for IAN members
  8. Distributions and exit facilitation: Support the company to distribute dividends and capital to Impact Angel Network members

We provide our members with a high-touch, highly professional experience that gives them peace of mind that their investments are making the impact and returns they expect.


It's more than the numbers.

We evaluate multiple aspects of an opportunity to ensure we are helping our members make smart decisions about their investment. We assess risks, limitations and market potential based on in-depth interviews with company management, owners, employees, customers and partners. We supplement our interviews with a thorough analysis of internal documents, third-party industry articles and our own independent research and analysis.

Our due diligence process goes far beyond the usual straightforward accounting/financial analysis prepared by an accountant. Small businesses and start-ups are notorious for incomplete or inaccurate financial statements. The real question isn't whether or not the target company has been performing well in the past; it's much more important to understand what the core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are for the future. That is where our approach excels.

During our due diligence investigation, we cover dozens of issues. We assess whether the company or members of the senior management team have any outstanding, pending or previously settled lawsuits. We verify debt obligations, the health of large customer contracts, the strength of the senior management team, and the company’s compliance with federal, state and local taxes. We work to ensure that all assumptions and elements of the business plan and projections are sound, and we meet with current and past customers and determine whether there are any emerging competitors that could increase market competition.

RENEW prepares a secure folder to share key documents with our investors and prepares a Confidential Investment Memorandum (CIM), which includes a detailed report of key due diligence findings, covering important aspects of the business opportunity.


Experience your investments.

IAN members are invited to support the portfolio by offering introductions, connections and expertise. Technical expertise, sales leads and a host of other opportunities are communicated regularly to members.