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Company Overview


Investing in East Africa

RENEW is an impact investment firm that manages and serves the Impact Angel Network, a global network of investors that seeks to realize both social impact and financial returns on their investments in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa. RENEW’s largest office is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from which it operates The Exchange, our platform for organizing capital, training executives and supporting investments. RENEW also has offices in Kampala, Uganda; Denver, Colorado, USA and Toronto, Ontario in Canada. The RENEW team includes financial analysts, lawyers and business consultants with extensive experience in Africa. RENEW is registered as an investment adviser in the state of Colorado. Its Form ADV – Part 2 Disclosure Brochure is available at this link (LINK) and provides information about the qualifications and business practices of RENEW.


RENEW manages the Impact Angel Network, a members-only network of HNIs and wealthy families who invest in Africa.

  1. Incorporation: Established in 2007 as a Delaware limited liability company
  2. Location: United States, Canada, Ethiopia and Uganda
  3. Clients: “Impact Angel” investment vehicles, other investment vehicles, and development organizations
  4. Services: Deal origination, investment management, management training and consulting, and development consulting
  5. Value Proposition: Enables impact investments that are supported by an in-country team of professionals without high transaction costs
  6. Geographic Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically East Africa
  7. Sector Focus: Generalist, while favoring agro-processing, light manufacturing and services
  8. Investment Strategy: Individual investments of $200K to $3M in SMEs with a focus on building disciplined, gender-balanced management teams and targeting an IRR of 25% or greater by launching new ventures or turning around under-performing companies
  9. Impact Focus: SDG #5 & #8. We aim to build gender-smart companies that achieve gender balance in the C-Suite. We are passionate about decent work for employees and improved livelihoods for smallholder farmers. We provide training for local managers and executives, elevating their employment prospects. We work to drive exports and strengthen corporate governance. We also avoid projects with adverse ESG risks and in sectors on the IFC exclusion list.
  10. Fee Structure: See our Join Page for more information
  11. Team: A team of seasoned investment and business professionals with extensive experience working in Africa and South Asia. Advisors include leading impact investing, trade and business professionals.
  12. Performance: Founded and managed the 150+ member IAN, which, with RENEW, is the most active SME investor in Ethiopia, with 14 investments in 12 companies; Exited two investments in Ethiopia while realizing gross IRRs of 26.7% and 17.6% (net IRRs of 21.9% and 13.3%, respectively); in addition to writing off an investment and realizing a partial loss on an investment. [1]


Building An Investment Infrastructure Since 2005

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[1] RENEW maintains documents in its files supporting the IRR calculations above. The IRRs were realized by two investments and do not represent results achieved by other IAN portfolio companies or the portfolio as a whole. There is no guarantee that such results will be achieved by other IAN investments or investments in any company managed by RENEW.