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Want Encouraging News? Look to Africa.

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Joshua Weissburg
| October 13, 2008

According to a recent article published in The Economist, Africa is expected to withstand the current economic decline better than many other parts of the world. Entitled “Opportunity Knocks,” the article appeared in the magazine’s October 9, 2008 print edition.

The author comments that “Despite the litany of problems, the 48 countries of sub-Saharan Africa are, by several measures, enjoying a period of unparalleled economic success. And despite the turmoil in the world’s financial markets, international investors still think they can make money there.”

“In 1990-94 annual GDP growth was a weak 0.9%; since then, growth has averaged closer to 5%. Before this autumn’s financial meltdown, the IMF was predicting GDP growth of 6.6% this year; now it is predicting only a slightly lower rate,” the article continues.