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Emily Ziethen
| December 28, 2015
RENEW’s angel network invests in an Ethiopian Textile Company.

Emily Ziethen
| December 9, 2015
RENEW is pleased to announce the Impact Angel Network chairs for 2016.

Laura Davis
| December 3, 2015
RENEW's Laura Davis reflects on the tremendous change Ethiopia has experienced since first arriving in 2012.

Lulit Negash
| November 24, 2015
RENEW has a Q&A session with METAD's coffee quality manager to discuss this important sector.

Emily Ziethen
| November 16, 2015
Participate on a RENEW Econ-Tourism trip and visit the unique and exciting country of Ethiopia.

Emily Ziethen
| November 12, 2015
A curated selection of products from the Impact Angel Network's investments in Ethiopia.

Emily Ziethen
| November 5, 2015
Join Matt and Laura on Mt. Kilimanjaro in the third episode of RENEW’s podcast series, Investing On The Frontier.

Laura Davis
| November 4, 2015
RENEW reflects on its time at The Economist's 2015 Ethiopia Summit.

Laura Davis
| November 3, 2015
Adventures and lessons learnt while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest peak.

Emily Ziethen
| November 2, 2015
The IAN invests in an Ethiopian food and beverage company.