RENEW Strategies


Matthew Davis, CFA
| August 31, 2017
The what and why of The CFO 100 and The Executives’ Program

Erin O'Connor
| July 28, 2017
How to put your best foot forward when meeting investors for the first time

Erin O'Connor
| July 27, 2017
RENEW hosted a PE Seminar with the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association

Renata Makhoul
| July 26, 2017
Highlights of the recent report from McKinsey & Company on the Chinese presence in Africa

Erin O'Connor
| June 30, 2017
A look at the UNDP Quarterly Brief on Ethiopia and WBG’s Global Economic Prospects

Emily Ziethen
| March 22, 2016
Partner Matt Davis speaks on an entrepreneurial leadership and impact investing panel.

Emily Ziethen
| May 26, 2015
Members of the IAN close an investment into East Africa Emergency Services LTD.

Lulit Negash
| May 15, 2014
Ethiopia seems to have significant potential for dairy development.

Lulit Negash
| March 21, 2014
A glimpse into Ethiopia's growing sesame market.

Matthew Davis, CFA
| December 17, 2012
An update from Norway and what's coming up in 2013...